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As in most Middle Eastern countries, abortion in Kuwait is also illegal. The small exceptions for which a woman is granted the possibility to have an abortion do not include her free will. The medical termination of a pregnancy in Kuwait can be done only if the woman’s or the baby’s life are endangered. There is also a third case, in which the woman’s mental state renders her incapable of caring for the child.

The Kuwait abortion lawgenerates prison sentences and medical license revoking for those involved in an illegal abortion, so thinking about these consequences might be a mind changer.



Having an abortion in Kuwait is difficult. This is due to the fact that the Kuwait abortion law declares it illegal and requires strict conditions for it to be accepted. Traveling to Bangalore India, to choose a safe, one day abortion procedure, instead of having an abortion in illegal abortion clinics in Kuwait is their option, also called medical tourism.

There are various reasons for women to travel to India and choose Bangalore Genesis Hospital for an abortion. Here are some of them:

Abortion Is Legal in India

1971 has been the year in which the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed. It gives freedom of choice for all women in India, regardless of whether they are Indian citizens or just tourists.

Constraints about the wellbeing of the mother or child as the base for an abortion are not set, making the medical termination of a pregnancy a choice for women, not a necessity for just those whose lives are endangered by the pregnancy.

The consequence is that any woman traveling from Kuwait to India is able to have an abortion. She is protected by law. No social judgment, no prejudice, and no legal constraints are bestowed upon the woman.

After arriving in India, you face no more legal issues regarding your decision and also have access to the best medical services. You do not have to fear legal consequences or fear the Indian government. Also, no one will judge you for your decision.

High Quality Medical Care 

India provides top quality medical care since it has been the top choice in medical tourism for many years. The Bangalore Genesis Hospital management team has been able to equip the hospital with high-end medical equipment. This ensures safe medical services, constantly improving our standard.

Still, our standards do not imply simply having the latest technology. We combine it with constant international training for our doctors, nurses and technical staff. This is the way in which the Bangalore Genesis Hospital is able to ensure you have the safest abortion procedure. All this is done at top international medical quality.

One Day Procedure

Flying from Kuwait to Bangalore takes a little over three hours. This is one of the reasons the team at Genesis Hospital in Bangalore is able to perform one day abortion procedures, in a safe environment.

We are aware of your need for timeliness. This is why our doctors are able to help you with early appointment bookings and arrangements.

A simple phone call discussion with one of our professional doctors can help you benefit from our custom caring and logistics services. You can be home the same day, in order to resume your daily activity the next morning.

We ensure direct transport to the hospital, from the airport, via taxi. We know it is only a short distance away, but you can arrive fast at the hospital in order to prepare for the procedure. You will be guided through the process at all times.

After your arrival at the hospital, the doctors will guide you through the first step of the procedure, which involves conducting a series of tests. These are necessary to determine which of the one day abortion procedures fits best to the state of your pregnancy. They also help determine if there is any risk of complications.

As soon as the test results are available and satisfactory, our doctor will begin the abortion procedure. It is fairly short in length and post-abortion care is done afterward. The doctors need to make sure that no complications appear and you recover well.

The end of the day should imply the procedure and post-abortion care are complete. It allows you to return to the airport and get home. You will be released after the doctors assess your overall health and recovery process, and if the result is satisfactory.

Patient Privacy and Confidentiality

The privacy and confidentiality policy is respected and followed by all doctors, nurses, technical staff, and management team. All employees are under oath and will not release any information about a patient without written consent from the person.

Also, the strict work ethics our doctors abide by make any information regarding the abortion procedure confidential and private, for unlimited time.

Any infringement of this private medical information is protected by Indian laws. If desired, your abortion procedure in India remains fully confidential.

International Medical Standards

Having access to the same high-end medical equipment and offering the same quality of services as reputable medical centers in the United States or Europe makes the Bangalore Genesis Hospital the no.1 destination for medical tourism in Asia.

The doctors at Genesis Hospital in Bangalore received their training and expertise in valued medical schools across Europe and the United States. Putting your safety and wellbeing first, we are setting you in the hands of the best doctors in India.

Hospital Comfort and Peaceful Ambience

Our post-operative care units are set to resemble hotel rooms. We also offer 24-7 room service. There is a peaceful and quiet environment in which our patients recover.

All patients receive their room equipped with fast Wi-Fi internet connection and flat-screen TVs. The soothing and welcoming environment helps to calm and ease patients, speeding the recovery. You have access to room service personnel and a dedicated nurse awaiting only a push of a button from your part, to serve you.


The Genesis Hospital is a high-end boutique hospital, located in the heart of Bangalore City, India. It offers medical procedures and care at international quality and standards.

We proudly compare our services and facilities to those found in reputable European and US medical centers. Exquisitely, high-trained medical team and top managers make sure our quality goals are met.

The abortion procedures for adultwomen are available regardless of their age. Women have various options to choose from, as our services are adapted and fitted to any type of pregnancy.

You can choose from multiple options: chemical abortion (performed with abortion pills), first trimester D&C abortion (available for pregnancies between seven and twelve weeks old) and second trimester abortion.

The entire staff is prepared for any procedure or scenario, balancing every piece of medical information you provide or they have through the preliminary test. Any possible outcome is foreseen, allowing the team of doctors and nurses to be prepared at all times.

Our doctors have successfully provided care for thousands of women. High-end technology, combined with constant training and innovative procedures – they all ensure patient-oriented, valuable care. This involved both the abortion procedure, as well as post-procedural care.

The doctors, nurses, technicians, laboratory analysts, and radiologist have received training in worldwide know universities in the US, Germany, and UK. They are able to perform without flaw every single time thanks to their extensive surgical and post-surgical care experience.

Your only concern is to choose your safety in an abortion procedure. For the Bangalore Genesis Hospital team, this is a responsibility. It is a promise to you, and an oath to us. You will leave healthy and completely satisfied with our services.



Kuwait abortion laws are strict. Everyone involved in an illegal abortion is punishable by law, with sentences that go up to 10 or 15 years’ incarceration to medical license revoking for the medical staff involved, and financial penalties

Abortion in Kuwait is also surrounded by a powerful social stigma and judgment. Being a taboo subject, abortion is allowed only if the infant or the mother’s life is endangered. However, because there is no freedom of choice regarding this topic, many women choose the services of illegal abortion clinics in Kuwait. They are facing even more dangerous consequences than prison time, their lives being threatened by malpractices…..


Our Team

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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



We do not need publicity. The happy, healthy patients Bangalore Genesis Hospital has served are the only commercial we need. We have set international standards which we abide by, offering excellent medical services.




  1. Internationally trained gynecologist, with extensive experience –The Bangalore Genesis Hospital has only highly trained and experiencedpersonnel. Doctors, nurses and technical staff, receive training in worldwide known medical schools in Hong Kong, Europe or the United States.Their experience includes more than 20 years in medical termination of pregnancies and abortion procedures. The doctors, as well as nurses, are recognized throughout India, having their work praised worldwide.
  1. Certified medical staff – The team at Bangalore Genesis Hospital in comprised of physicians, specialized doctors, nurses, radiologists and laboratory staff. They are qualified in setting, performing and assisting safe abortion procedures.
  2. Safety –Your safety, as our patient, is our No.1 priority. If you wonder what all the pre-procedural tests are for, you now have the answer. Revealing your overall health status and any underlying conditions is important, and we do not make any compromise.Your immediate post-operative care and long-term health are equally important for us. The commodities provided, along with the nurses’ care make sure your recovery is the best it can be.
  1. Patient privacy and confidentiality –Any information about the patient’s condition is kept 100% private and confidential. US standards regarding privacy ethics are followed closely. Patient privacy and consent are strictly respected.If desired, only the patient can give information about the procedure. Confiding in a family member or a friend is a matter of choice only.
  1. One day procedure – Abortion procedures offered at Bangalore Genesis Hospital take no more than one day. They include the preliminary tests, the medical termination of the pregnancy and recovery care and counseling provided by our doctors afterward. You will be able to return home and conduct your normal daily activity right the next day.
  1. Post abortion care and counseling –The post abortion care and treatment ensures your recovery is safe and fast. It also reduces the risk of any complication that could occur after you are discharged. Recovery care after an abortion is mandatory. It helps maintain your long-term health and safety.
  2. Legal environment – Abortion is legal for all Indian residents. There is a single motive for which the medical termination of a pregnancy is not accepted. That is sex selection.
  3. Medical facilities –  The Bangalore Genesis Hospital is equipped with state of the art medical equipment. The technology provided for our doctors ensures they can perform at their best.Striving to offer our patients access to the best services in Asia and the world, we adhere to international standards, similar to those in prestigious medical centers in the US.
  1. Comfort – Replicating the comfort our patients have in their own home helps them recover faster. We have modern interiors, with cozy and comfortable ambience. They generate a speedy recovery, in a relaxed atmosphere.Access to high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi connection, 24/7 room service and flat-screen smart TVs’ in all the rooms is also granted.
  1. Convenience and accessibility –The Genesis Hospital in Bangalore, located in a newly renovated building, was designed to be accessible and convenient.You can access it easily from the Bangalore International Airport, with private transportation. Also, we can arrange a pick-up taxi service. You will be taken from the airport straight to the hospital, saving valuable time.


Getting an abortion in Kuwait is not worth it, due to legal and health-related risks. The Kuwait abortion laws are strict, making it preferable for one to look to abortion services in India, as an alternative. The Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers the best medical services you deserve.

The only recommendation we need is the investment made in high-end equipment and the training offered to our doctors. You will receive only the best services.

We also offer an exquisite customer care service. Patients can access the phone lines, where a doctor is availablein order to share and entrust your situation privately.

When you call us, you are immediately redirected to a doctor. The conversation falls under our privacy and confidentiality code. Any information you share will remain safe. The doctors can arrange early booking appointments and transport service to and from the hospital if needed.

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