Abortion Pills in Dubai – Mandatory Information

The most common method of abortion chosen globally is chemical abortion. It is a procedure, done with abortion pills in Dubai, of which women think about first when considering terminating a pregnancy.

Understanding what the abortion with pills consequences are is mandatory when researching this abortion method.

What Are Abortion Pills?

Abortion pills are tablets women use, based on a medical prescription, to terminate first trimester pregnancies. The active substances used are mifepristone and misoprostol

Creating these tablets involves the usage of excipients as well. They stop progesterone production and induce cramping and contractions needed for uterine content expulsion.

Abortion Pills in Dubai

Unless the pregnancy threatens the mother?s or the infant?s life, abortion in Dubai is illegal.

Dubai women also face the social stigma around this taboo topic. Some find the legal consequences to be easier than the social ones. This why many women attempt to buy abortion pills in Dubai themselves, in an attempt to perform the abortion without medical supervision.

There is a strong black market around Mifepristone in Dubai or Cytotec in Dubai. The main risk is not the financial strain you will feel, because the pills are overpriced, but the fact that the seller could send you aspirin or fail to send the package at all.

How do Abortion Pills Work?

Two substances are used when performing chemical abortion. Mifepristone is the first. It is aantiprogestational steroid. The second one is Cytotec, a prostaglandin, normally used to prevent stomach ulcers when you are administered anti-inflammatory substances like aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen.

Mifepristone limits the progesterone quantity produced by the human body. This hormone is mandatory to keep newly formed pregnancies inside the uterine tissue. Reducing it disrupts the cell bond between the uterine wall and the pregnancy. In order for mifepristone to work, the pregnancy should not be older than seven weeks.

Misoprostol, the prostaglandin administered 2-3 days after mifepristone, acts by inducing cramping and contraction. It mimics an early labor and helps the uterus eliminate the remaining of the pregnancy.

Chemical Abortion Risks

The abortion with pills consequences are mandatory to know when having a chemical abortion. It can make the difference between life and death. Performing it without medical clearance or supervision involves serious risks, even if this abortion method is the most preferred one by women all over the world.

Believing that chemical abortion works after the seven week threshold is the main mistake women make. If it is successful in 97% of the abortions performed before seven weeks, this success rate drops tounder 70% after that timeframe. It often creates uterine damage and hemorrhaging if attempted after the pregnancy reaches seven weeks.

Abortion with pills determines hemorrhaging. This helps the body expulse the pregnancy. However, the bleeding should not overly exceed the duration or amount of your normal menstrual cycle. Also, it should not last more than a week. If you feel tired beyond normal, dizziness or fatigue during this period, you should seek medical help.

Abortion Pills Benefits

Knowing the risks of performing a medical termination of a pregnancy with abortion pills in Dubai doesn?t mean you shouldn?t know its benefits:

  • Anesthesia is not required;
  • It is a non-invasive method;
  • It is the most affordable abortion method. However, since Dubai considers it illegal, purchasing abortion pills from illegal outlets or the black market could imply serious costs;
  • It can be performed in the first seven weeks, before the pregnancy is visible;
  • You do not have to remain hospitalized overnight, as it is a simple procedure. You can resume your daily activities the following day.

Purchasing abortion pills in Dubai has consequences. You face tremendous health risks if you perform a chemical abortion without medical supervision. You also face at least 3 years in prison. However, the Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers the possibility to have a chemical abortion in safe, secure, private and legal conditions.

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