Abortion Risks in Dubai

The main consequence of unprotected sexual intercourse is a pregnancy. Sometimes desired, sometimes completely a surprise and definitely unwanted. Unfortunately, the latter one occurs more often.

It could be just bad timing for newlyweds or maybe the woman is not married. More unfortunate situations, like a rape, can also happen. Despite all this, there are many reasons for which a woman would want an abortion.

Knowing the abortion risks in Dubai is mandatory. It helps you remain healthy, free and spotless from the social stigma surrounding this taboo subject.

The abortion law in Dubai completely forbids a woman from getting an abortion. There are only 2 situations in which abortion is permitted, but only if a team of medical doctors clears it:

  • The pregnancy endangers the woman?s life;
  • It can be proven that the child will be stillborn, or he will die shortly after the birth.

Both cases are valid if the pregnancy is younger than 120 days. This is the main reason behind the decision to accept illegal services from quack doctors, so many women pregnant and unmarried in Dubai take. They do not understand the full extent of abortion consequences in Dubai

Chemical abortion or abortion with pills, as it is mostly known is the top choice for women all over the world. It is done by taking mifepristone and misoprostol. These substances act by limiting progesterone production and inducing cramping and contractions which help eliminate the uterine content. It is mandatory to understand that abortion with pills is effective only if performed before the pregnancy reaches 7 weeks.

The black market revolving around these substances is as strong in Dubai as all over the Middle East. Campaigns and commercials have been conducted in order to prevent and limit the trafficking of Mifepristone in Cytotec in Dubai, but the results are lower than expected. There are also illegal abortion clinics in Dubai, where quack doctors operate, increasing the abortion health risks for all pregnant and unmarried in Dubai women.

Post Abortion Care in Dubai

Knowing the abortion risks in Dubai that you face can make the difference between life and death. Even if the location and individuals you choose to perform the abortion are not approved by the law, there are minimal services you should benefit from and the lack of these could endanger your life.

  • Limiting infections:All abortions involve the dilation of your cervix and determine hemorrhaging. It can be a chemical abortion, a suction procedure or surgery ? the elimination of uterine contents is done the same.

If complications appear, you risk bleeding severely. This can cause mineral and vitamin loss, as well as dehydration. It can create an imbalance in your body. Also, you are prone to infections if the location is not sanitized properly, like legal clinics and hospitals usually are.

  • Abortion injuries:Every abortion method besides chemical abortion is invasive. You should not even consider letting yourself in the hands of people with no medical training or experience. Also, these ?clinics? lack the equipment and conditions to perform a safe abortion.

One of the main causes of women deaths in Asia is uterine injuries and complications from incomplete or incorrect abortions performed by untrained personnel, in illegal clinics.

  • Calcium and vitamins:Bleeding is one of the main consequences of an abortion. The post-procedural care performed in hospital involves monitoring the patient, prescribing vitamins and minerals and a personalized meal plan when needed. They all help you heal
  • Family planning services: The abortion and recovery of the woman does not imply she is safe and healthy in the long run. Repeated abortions can cause serious uterine damage.

Multiple surgical and chemical abortions can lead to scars on the uterine wall. This prevents any further pregnancies from forming. If you do desire to have children, but this has just not been the right moment, seek family planning services. They can help.

Put yourself first ? you need to remain healthy and free to lead the life you deserve. Purchasing medicine for abortion in Dubai online or from unauthorized individuals will never guarantee you the results you seek.

There are too many abortion risks in Dubai to even consider it. You can, however, choose medical tourism and travel to the Bangalore Genesis Hospital. Your health, safety and wellbeing are our no.1 priority. The Indian laws will protect you and our privacy and confidentiality policies ensure no one will know about this intervention, unless you share it yourself.