Getting an abortion in Dubai

Abortion in Dubai is illegal. The abortion laws in Dubai forbid women to have abortions by choice. Even if the intent will not be punished, the act itself willbe punished. The woman and anyone helping her will face prison time, fines and for any medical personnel, medical license revoking. This is why most women who want to get an abortion choose the services offered by illegal abortion clinics in Dubai.

Abortion laws in Dubai

Knowing your rights and responsibilities is mandatory in order to make the best decision for yourself and your family. The Penal Code of 16 February 1974 stated the following:

?Article 340.??Whoever intentionally performs an abortion on a pregnant woman through the administration?of?medications?or other means that bring about the abortion shall be punished with up to five years imprisonment.

The punishment is up to seven years imprisonment when the crime occurs without the consent of the pregnant woman.??

Also, the Law No. 7 of 1975, Law on the Practice of Human Medicine states:

?Section 22.?? [A]?physician?may not perform an abortion nor prescribe any?abortifacient.??In the event that the continuation of pregnancy endangers the life of a pregnant woman, the abortion may be carried out provided that: a) the operation is performed by a gynecologist with the approval of a physician who is a specialist in the condition rendering the abortion necessary; and b) a process-verbal indicating the circumstances that justify abortion is drawn up by the physician concerned and signed by the patient?s husband or guardian as an indication of his approval to the abortion being performed (each of the parties concerned is required to keep a copy of the process-verbal).?

Understanding the serious consequences women in Dubai face if they have an abortion makes them seek help from unauthorized individuals who operate in illegal clinics. Some of them, in an attempt to have a first trimester abortion, buy abortion pills in Dubai. These are overpriced and if they manage to pay for them, the sellers are usually crooks selling sugar pills or failing to deliver the package, when the purchase is made online.

If the pregnancy exceeds the first trimester, D&C or surgical abortion are the only options remaining. These are invasive methods, which involve even higher risks. The post-operative care needs to be completed properly and with attention, to avoid infections and complication.

What are your options?

Since a legal abortion is not an option, you are left with the following options:

  1. Buy abortion pregnancy pills. The main substances are mifepristone and misoprostol. You will only be able to purchase them from unauthorized pharmacies, online or illegal outlets. Self-inducing an abortion violates article 340 of the Penal Code, so remember you face at least 3 years in prison.

Since abortion with pills breaks the connection between the pregnancy and the uterine wall, it only works if the pregnancy is younger than 7 weeks. After the placenta develops, this bond is made differently, and the above substances no longer work. Also, if prostaglandins are not administered, you risk having fetal remainders in your uterus. This can lead to infection, fatal hemorrhaging and gangrene.

  1. Accepts the illegal services of abortion clinics in Dubai. Do not do it. Those performing abortions in these outlets cannot offer you the conditions, experience medical training to perform an abortion while putting your safety first.
  2. Medical tourism. You can actually travel outside your nation?s borders to receive the care you need. When it comes to abortions, travelling to Bangalore, India, is the safest option, since abortion is legal here for all residents. You will be protected by Indian laws, and by our privacy and confidentiality policies.

The Genesis Hospital, located in the heart of Bangalore city, India has been for decades now, the no.1 destination for women all over Asia and the world. We understand freedom of choice and help women have access to their human rights. We do provide a legal outlet for abortion, in safe and sanitized conditions. Having an abortion in Dubai is not worth taking such risks. Call our doctors. They are here to help you.